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AS A MANUFACTURING ORIENTED BUSINESS, HOW CAN I LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGIES LIKE THE INTERNET?  Providing an online parts database combined with CAD neutral solid models of your inventory will give your customers the unparalled flexibility of being able to integrate your company's products into their designs in the early phases of design & development. This gives you the upper-hand on any competitors not offering this service.

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While the internet has been perceived as necessary only for dot-coms, high-tech companies, or the computer industry, it is now starting to become mainstream. Various cutting-edge minded businesses from Pizza chains to lawn-care companies are now implementing webpages and not just to have an online business card. You can now order pizza online, schedule a hair appointment, search a database of turf seeds, buy movie tickets, or even browse a database of gel candles. In the current difficult economic times, it is this type of business that gains the advantage through innovation.

Here at Reynolds Design Drafting Consultants, we have the expertise to seamlessly integrate your parts catalog into your very own website, designed where you can update and maintain the parts or products without technical assistance. This can include a searchable database, indexed solid models, and more. One particular advantage to publishing CAD-neutral solid models is that it allows your customers to integrate your products into their early-stage conceptual designs. They're even likely to design around your products making them virtually indispensible in the later stages of development. With that flexibility, your current customers are much more likely to be your future customers not to mention the increased probability of new customers. We provide end-to-end web development for your manufacturing-related company including everything from custom built CAD workstations to webpage and online database design to local office intranets.

To ensure the latest technology and greatest flexibility in implementing your cutting-edge solutions, Reynolds Design Drafting Consultants has partnered with Expert Computers, Inc. also located here in Griffin, GA.

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