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We are a full service design and drafting consulting firm. Just about any service that is Mechanical, Aerospace, Manufacturing, or Industrial Engineering related we offer.

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Contact Us:
129 Old Scout Rd.
Jackson, GA 30233
PH:     770-412-1104

Brian Reynolds
PH:     770-412-1104

Molly Reynolds
PH:     770-412-1104
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    CAD Related Services:
    We offer a full range of CAD services. Our state-of-the-art CAD workstations including Pentium 4 processors, CAD certified video cards, and 21" flat-screen monitors on a Windows 2000 platform provide optimum productivity tools to help meet the needs of your time-critical projects. We are authorized Alibre Design Consultants, but we have extensive experience using many other commercial CAD and solid modeling packages.

  • Machine Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Fixture & Tooling Design
  • 2D/3D Conversion
  • Solid Modeling
  • Paper to CAD Conversions
  • Custom Built CAD Workstations
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • CAD Workstation Upgrade
  • CAD Software Setup & Training
  • Photo Rendering of Solid Models
        for Marketing Purposes
  • Geometric dimensioning &
        tolerancing [ASME Y14.5M]
  • Complete Drawing Packages
  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Input formats: Output formats:
  • DXF (*.dxf)
  • STEP (*.stp, *.step)
  • AutoCAD (*.dwg)
  • IGES (*.igs)
  • IGES (*.igs, *.iges)
  • SAT (*.sat)
  • STEP (*.stp, *.step, *.ste)
  • STL (*.stl) stereolithography
  • SAT (*.sat)
  • DXF (*.dxf)
  • VRML (*.wrl)
  • AutoCAD (*.dwg)

  • General Engineering Related Services: 
    Our expertise spans well beyond CAD and solid modeling, including many general engineering related services. We also offer the following services.

    Conceptual Design
    If you have an new idea or a open-ended design problem, let us help you develop a cost-effective or optimum solution.

    Engineering Analysis
    We can provide stress, thermal or cost analyses as required.

    Advanced Design Optimization
    We have extensive experience in this field and several scholarly publications. Anything that can be modeled, can be optimized. Many designs are often optimized in some form or fashion but usually only one design objective is set. Real world designs usually contain multiple objectives along with discrete combinatorial, and non-linear variables. Multiple Objective Genetic Algorithms are one of a few optimization techniques that can solve such problems. We have the tools and skills necessary to apply this technique to any critical designs that require or can greatly benefit from optimization. Here's some examples of industry applications:

  • GE uses MDO (multi-disciplinary optimization) and Genetic Algorithms in the design of high pressure jet aircraft engine components.

  • Finite Element Analysis & Modeling
    Utilizing Algor and Alibre Design.

    Process Improvement
    Our services in this area include the application of cutting-edge Six Sigma concepts, Statistical Process Control, System modeling & simulations and other Industrial Engineering techniques.

    Test & Data Acquisition Setup
    We offer consulting and assistance in developing automated test systems and data acquisition setups. Our focus is on LabVIEW Virtual Instrument development, but we also have experience using Microsoft Dynamic Data Exchange, GPIB, and a full range of hardware including Keithley, Tektronix, and National Instruments.

    Automation Equipment Design
    We are currently working closely with Bellwether, Inc. to design and manufacture semi-automated and ergonomic equipment. The focus is on clients' specific needs and the development of custom equipment that goes beyond the capability of stand-alone commercial off-the-shelf products. The custom built solutions can include anything from PLC's and pneumatic cylinders to nutrunners and screwdrivers. Click here for an example of a solution designed by Reynolds Design and built by Bellwether.

    We have experience programming in Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), CNC, Assembly Language, ANSI C & C++, Fortran, Visual Basic, most Web-based languages, and more.
    Internet/Intranet & Web Services: 
    Our partners Expert Computers, Inc. help us provide the highest quality and latest technology to your business without losing sight of the manufacturing and engineering perspective.
  • Webpage Development
  • Online Parts or Products Catalog
  • Office Intranet Setup
  • Custom Built CAD Workstations

  • Contact us for more information.

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