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The following images are just a brief sampling of solid models that we've created for clients.

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    Featured Model: Robotic Camera Head
    The following is a solid model of the camera head assembly for a robotic vehicle used for the inspection of 6" diameter sewer pipes.   
    LARGER IMAGE                  SEE IT AT ALIBRE.COM

    This product was redesigned for Cobra Technologies to outfit the unit with a new zoom-capable camera and to improve product reliability. The design presented several space constraints and performance objectives. For instance, all electronics on the interior had to have a water-tight seal with respect to the external environment, and the motor powering the rotation of the camera must overcome the friction caused by the seals. The entire 3D model was created from scratch using Alibre Design by the engineers at Reynolds Design Drafting Consultants.

    Featured Model: Ergonomic Lifting Machine
    The following model is the solid model of a cylinder head lifting device.        
    LARGER IMAGE         

    This unit was designed for Bellwether, Inc., who fabricated and assembled the device for use on a diesel engine manufacturer's assembly line. It is capable of lifting a 4-cylinder or a 6-cylinder engine head and rotating it to allow manual insertion of the valves. Three pneumatic actuators are used for lifting, rotating and stoping of the cylinder head. A PLC-based control system (not shown) ensures the operations are performed in sequence. For projects related to ergonomics and automation, Reynolds Design works closely with Bellwether, Inc. to provide custom designed and built solutions for the specific needs of our clients (READ MORE).

    Model Gallery:
    The following additional images are just a brief sampling of solid models that we've created for clients. The textures and shadowing were added using Alibre design's photorendering capabilities but can be applied to any 3D CAD model.

    Die Block (Larger Image)

    Drag Brace Arm (Larger Image)

    Tube Bracket (Larger Image)

    Mid Cast Hsg. (Larger Image)

    Out Cast Hsg.(Larger Image)

    Pump Housing (Larger Image)

    Bumper Bracket (Larger Image)

    Hub Casting fixt. (Larger Image)

    Hub Casting (Larger Image)

    Planetary Hsg.(Larger Image)

    Extrusion (Larger Image)

    Extrusion Fixt. (Larger Image)

    Truck Hub (Larger Image)

    Truck Hub Fixt. (Larger Image)

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